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At Canvita Canada, we believe in providing knowledge in order to educate our customers about the importance of nutrition and healthy practices. With the right information, we can make better decisions about our overall wellbeing. Read our blog posts to learn more about how Canvita Canada’s products can help you take a step towards good health.

  • 28/03/2017
    Food, Exercise and Vitamins for Immune System

    The immune system is not a single entity but rather, a complex of several organs working together to ensure that your body fights off diseases successfully and that you stay healthy. If one component of the immune system fails to perform its function, this will affect the rest of the organs that are involved in immune system function. This malfunctioning results in what we commonly identify as diseases.

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  • 28/03/2017
    Seven Things to Remember When Buying a Halal Vitamin Supplement

    Adopting a halal lifestyle in a non-Muslim country can be a little complicated, but not impossible. If you maintain your knowledge about key Islamic facets, incorporating those facets into your life will come easy after a certain time.

    Among other significant matters, a Muslim should also keep in mind is his/her diet. Because Islam preaches a complete way of life, it includes specifications about what one can indulge in and what one should refrain from; and this includes vitamins.

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